Help with setting timings and voltage for Gigabyte P-35-DS3L

My memory should be shipped to me today, so I'm hoping to get it in and running tonight. The memory is 2gb of OCZ PC2 6400 800mhz. I know that the memory is supposed to be set to 2.1v to run at 4-4-4-15. I can get to the over voltage screen in bios, should I set the overvoltage at 2 or do you have to set it in as .2? As for the timings, maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I couldn't see where to set the timings.
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  1. The board defaults to 1.8v. I have the same RAM, you set the DDR voltage to +0.3. It'll show up pink, that'll give you your 2.1v :)

    As for the timings, go to the main BIOS menu, hit CTRL F1, then go into M.I.T. Your timings will be there. Specify 4-4-4-15, then leave the rest to auto unless you really, really know exactly what each of those other sub-timings do.

    Hope this helps!

    OH, don't forget to correctly change the memory:FSB ratio to correctly run your RAM at the proper 800MHz.
  2. If your not overclocking then RAM set to auto is OK. If you do OC then you need to look at the base clock frequency and set the multiplier to approximate 800. If you OC change the PCIe from auto to 100Mhz. Also once you get the OC stable you should lower the Vcore.
  3. Thanks guys. I did think that that my board's stock memory was 1.9v...

    As for overclocking, I only have the stock cooler on my 6750 atm, and am only interested in doing o/c that would not force me to change my the cooler. Save the larger o/c for when I have more money and can get 1066mhz memory and a nice cooler.
  4. I am having a problem with memory timing on my Gigabyte GA-P35-DSL3 using OCZ DDR2-800 1gig x2.
    My complete hardware configuration is:

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66 MHz
    Gigabyte GA-P35-DSL3
    OCZ Tech DDR2-800 1gig x2
    WD Caviar SE SATA 400gb
    e-GeForce 7600GT
    Samsung 22" SyncMaster LCD

    While trying to install the OS (Fedora Core 7 x86_64) I was experiencing crashes, freezes and video weirdness, like random cyrillic chars on the screen.
    Memtest86+ showed no errors in 8 passes. Mobo POSTs without problems. Hard disk tests passed, read, write, surface.
    Samsung monitor worked flawlessly hooked to my older machine, using the new display card and the old.

    I posted my problem on Fedora Forum and found the answer, which was to "clock down" the memory to 667 MHz from 800.
    Once I did, Fedora installed, and has run well and stable since, even with the nVidia driver kernel mod.

    Now I would like to see if I can bring the memory back up to 800MHz, which I understand is standard for this mobo and memory.
    When I set the memory to 800MHz, the freezing and weirdness comes back.
    I don't want to damage my new install with more tests, unless I can get good information on what to try.

    Has anyone else encountered this?

    I have built several machines, but not a Core 2, so that part is new to me.
    The computer is quite stable currently, and has been rock solid for two weeks.
    I'm not looking to overclock, just get things at the "normal" clock speed, whatever that is.
    Is this something that only affects Fedora Core Linux x86_64 users, or is it OS independent?
  5. This problem was answered (in part) in another forum, on a new thread, here:
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