Changing the Vcore on a Gigabyte MB (GA-X38-DQ6)?

Silly question time! I've been trying to o/c my CPU but couldn't see any way to alter the CPU Vcore. The only option was to alter the 'CPU Voltage Control' under the 'MB Intelligent Tweaker' (MIT) menu so (probably incorrectly, now I see!!!) I've been tweaking that. I've been altering that a bit, under guidance from other people, but have just noticed that there IS an entry for VCore under the PC Health Status menu. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way of altering it's value - it's just shown in light blue as a reading as opposed to in yellow, as with other readings that you can change.

Does anyone know how I can alter the vCore setting please?

Also, I can see 'Normal CPU Vcore' under MIT; it's right at the bottom of the list. Silly question again, but what does the 'normal' mean in this instance?

Another question is, is 'CPU Voltage Control' the same as 'Vcore'. It doesn't look like it is as, when I change the value of CPU Voltage Control in the MIT menu it doesn't correspond to the value of vCore I'm seeing in the PC Health Status menu (or the value I'm seeing in Speedfan)

Thanks for your help guys!
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  1. CPU Voltage control under the MB Intelligent Tweaker is probably the only place you can change the voltage for your CPU. The reading you see under PC Health status is just for information purposes and will not correspond to what you've changed it to in the MIT menu until you save your BIOS settings and reboot the machine.
  2. Thanks for that! I was just concerned changing the CPU Voltage Control appeared to be actually altering the vCore so wondered if there was another area I should be trying to alter the vCore in.

    I set CPU Voltage Control to AUTO which showed a 1.344 vCore using CPU-Z. This dropped to 1.328 (vdroop I guess) when I ran a Blend test using Prime95. FSB at 333 x 9 = 3.0GHz. Using Ultima 90 HSF it ran a bit hot at 68 degrees but no errors after 1hr 10mins. Is the next best step to alter the CPU Voltage Control to something like 1.330 (or whatever the next increment down is) and work down from there, testing each time?

    thanks again for the advice!!
  3. If your system can still run stable with reduced CPU voltage it will help alot.Especially with the temperature.
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