Miro gives you avg search engine malware in browser.

Lately miro podccast installing gives you avg malware.
It says it can be removed in the browser add ons. Untrue, there you can only disable it.
You have to uninstall in remove programs and files.
But that doesn't remove it from search engines in the browser.

In exploerer 8 I cannot get rid of the avg search engine. If you press manage search engines,
you can disable the agv search engine, but they have made it in a way, that you cannot remove the avg search engine.

Where is the avg search engine for explorer 8 placed on a windows xp pro 3sp system,
and how do I get rid of the search engine?

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  1. I got it removed.
    Go to internet explorer extension settings
    Go to searchengines
    Disable avg secure search
    Make bing default search engine
    Check box that no program may change the default search engine
    Press close
    Avg will fight back, and even make internet explorer not responding but the
    window should close at a point
    Go to files
    Exit internet explorer
    Restart internet explorer
    If bing now is the default search engine
    you are on the right track
    Go to extensions settings
    Go to searchengines
    Rightclick avg secure search
    Press remove
    Close window
    Go to files
    Press exit
    Restart internet explorer
    Avg secure search should be gone.
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