Very confusing power supply specs which TO choose?

pc power and coolings 510w are more expensive then there 610w

also the 510's have a 5 year warranty rather then 610s 3 year

Are the 510s better? more reliable?

will a 510 be enough for my new system im building

-2 gb ddr2
-amd 6000 or maybe 5600 +
-asus m2n deluxe board
-8800 gts 320mb

or go with the 610w silencer which is cheaper and a shorter warranty.
(somthings fishy)

also why in the world are
the ddr400 ram more expensive then ddr2
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  1. How often do you upgrade? If you do a major upgrade in less then 3 years then it is a moot point, but if you want to be able to reuse your PSU in your next upgrade, then that is a tough question. One would generally say get the higher wattage due to obvious reasons, but then you have the other that has the 2 year longer warranty, guaranteeing if you mess it up in 5 years it will be ok. I personally would have to recommend the 610W, if it's going to mess up it will be within 3 years, and if it hasn't then by then as long as you make sure to keep your fans clean and blow it out every once in a while, then it should last just as long. Plus you have the added headroom of the higher PSU then with the 510.
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