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the system that i am eventually going to be WCing is 1 cpu (e6700), northbridge, and 2 8800 GTXs, all of this with 1/2 tubing preferably

i have been told that the Laing Pump is a great pump but i just wanted to double check that it would be able to hand this set up

also does anyone know if the size of the reservoir actually matters?? because i have seen some tiny ones like Swiftech Micro and huge ones like the Danger Den Dual 5.25 Bay Reservoir and personally i think the tiny would be much nicer as long as there was not some major down side to having it
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  1. Laing pumps and great but a little pricey. I am using a DD Mag II LE and it works great for only costing $50. I have heard about the DD Mag II failing, but I have not had any bad experience with it so far.
    As far reservoir size goes, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference. I am using a small cylindrical reservoir and my idle is about 3 degrees above amient with load in the 40C range on my Opty 170 @ 2.8.
  2. woah, woah woah. If you are going to be pumping through a cpu, nb, and 2 GPUs, and also all those Radiators (you are probley gonna want to get at least a triple and dual rad), then something with a max head of a few meters is NOT going to cut it. My recommendation is to break into 2 loops. something like this



    The heat dump of both of those GTXs is gonna need at least a triple rad for itself. However if you want to put it all on a single loop, then i would probley go for either 2 DDC-2s w/Petras Top or an Iwaki RD-30. If you are going dual loop, then a DDC-2 w/Petras Top is good enough for each.

    Water Cooling is an investment, its gonna cost some money. Dont waste it on a cheap little pump thats not gonna work for your system.
  3. ok thanks for the advice

    im going to stick to just one loop at the moment since i will be cooling only a CPU and GPU but ill probably be making the upgrade down the road
  4. Here you go. Best pump in its price range: Laing DDC w/ Petra'sTech DDCT-01s Top Combo @
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