Motherboard not detecting HDD

Hi all.

I have just bout a samsung 500GB sata II hdd and am trying to get it working with my socket 754 A8V-X. However the Bios will not detect the card. I have put the jumper on the HDD on so that it is limited to 150 MB/s transfer rate instead of the SATA II 300 MB/s.

I get this message when I turn on the pc after it goes to post.

"Via Technologies, Inc. VIA VT 8237 serial ATA Raid Bios setting utility V?
Copyright (C) Via technologies Inc. All rights researved.

Scan devices , Please wait...
Press <TAB> key into user window!

Hardware initiate failed, PLease check device!!!
The Bios does not be installed. Press<g> to continue."

I then popped the HDD into another pc , where the mobo detected it fine ,although it was calling it an SCSI disk. Now unless SCSI disks have started using SATA conncetions I am quite sure that this is a SATA2 disk. Also on that pc once I loaded into windows the first thing I did was go to my computer to check if the HDD showed up. Of course it didnt. I then went to device manager where the disk was reported as working properly and once again it was being described as a SCSI disk.

There is something odd that happens . When I go into the Bios and then save and restart when the pc starts loading ( without having powered down after leaving the bios ) it detects the HDD. But then when I power the pc down and power it on again it no longer detects the Hdd.

All help/suggestions are more then welcome.
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  1. If you haven't done so, clear your CMOS. I'd also try a different SATA plug and cable if you haven't. Finally, I'd run the Samsung set up program, most drive mfg have this on their website. I don't think the fact it's showing as a SCSI really means anything. I think some mobo just show SATA drives as SCSI for whatever reason
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