Is it safe to Remove All Files from the Windows Temp ?

My 'temp' folder in Windows [located at c:windowstemp] has gathered quite a substantial amount of temporary, space-eating files as well as Internet browser history items such as cookies, cache and the like. I am contemplating whether or not I should delete these files in order to reclaim hard disk space, but prior to doing so, I would like to get some pointers from you as to which selection of files in this folder is safe to delete.
Temp = 2.70 Gb
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  1. any file under the windows/temp folder is safe to delete. Once in awhile windows will balk at one file. Just leave it for now.
    Also under C:Documents and Settings usernameLocal Settings are 2 folders. one is temp and the other is temporary internet files.
    You cant delete everything thats in these two folders also. Do it for each user account on the computer.
    You can also delete any file that has .log or .tmp at the end.
    I also delete the uninstall folders for windows updates and then remove the entries in add/remove programs once the computer is running fine.
  2. Here's a couple maybe download a cleaner like "CCleaner"... that one cleans up your indexes and such.

    C: WINDOWS SoftwareDistribution Download

    C: WINDOWS Temp

    C: WINDOWS Prefetch
  3. I don't know much about the software you use, but I do know that Photoshop likes to keep temporary files in the /temp folder while running...I haven't looked into this completely, but It appears that it coincides with any images open within photoshop at the time.

    I would also like to reccomend my own favorite tool for getting rid of stubborn files...called Unlocker

    check it out here
  4. I am positive, that there is no risk in deleting ALL the temp files, think about it, what harm can be caused? None...I guess...
    And just an advice, if you want to permanently delete your temp files or other details of your computer usage: Windows temporary files, deleted files in Recycle Bin, MS Office temporary files, scandisk file fragments, prefetch files and much more, see if History Killer Pro Can help u.
  5. Download TFC (Temp File Cleaner) by OldTimer.

    Run this weekly and it will remove temp files from all those directories.
  6. Can I delete all of the files in: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\LocalSettings\Temp? Or are there some files that cannot be deleted? Also, can I delete everything from C:\WINDOWS\Temp? I need to free up some disk space to speed up my computer, I`m running Windows XP. Thanks :)
  7. graywolf said:
    Download TFC (Temp File Cleaner) by OldTimer.

    Run this weekly and it will remove temp files from all those directories.

    I tried your TFC, and it was awesome. Well so far, it just rebooted, so I have no idea if there are any ill effects yet. I have to say I was forced to save it, I could not just run it. My aniti virus wanted to run it in a sandbox and it would not open in that... so I blindly trusted and saved to desktop and ran it. Before the clean up I had 18% free space, after clean up 40% freespace. No defrag needed. I had wanted to print the list that was made in the window of you TFC that listed all the files and sizes that were emptied. I was dissapointed that I was unable to do this when it was finished and I only had the option to reboot. I was wondering if there is a place on my computer or in your software that I can see that log. I would love to share it with others. I was actually referred to this site through an amazon forum chat, and others will be interested in these wonderful results. I have no paypal... but heres a high five and a tall cup of coffee thank you!!! I will keep you bookmarked for the event I do get a paypal account. Thanks for sharing.
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