Thoughts on Budget CPU build (for first-time overclocking)

The only oc'ing i've ever done was with ATI tool on my old 9800 pro, but with my crippling frame rates in battlefield 2, i think its time for a new system, but i'm interested in a build thats in the budget price range so i'll have a margin for error in terms of overclocking...being new and all :(. I remember the article from sometime last year regarding the Pentium D 805 Smithfield, and with its current price ($75 OEM via newegg) it seems like a good basis for a first time system. I checked the ocia budget build, , but I prefer sticking in the intel side of things.

In terms of mobo, ram, gpu, and possibly extra cooling devices, what are some recommendations? Should the fsb even be of concern with current mobos? And RAM is a offshot, i have no idea what i should get, in terms of timing and latency.

As for a case, hd, psu, etc. i plan on using my previous and heavily outdated parts from before which can still hold their own :lol:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. well... what is your budget?
  2. Quote:
    well... what is your budget?

    I'll have to second this. When building a computer you have to either know what you'll need it to be capable of or how much you're willing to spend on it.
  3. sorry for not mentioning it, but the range im shooting for is about $500 or less, i might hold off on the gpu till ati rls their dx10 cards so there is more variety.
  4. well, you can get a DS3 and a lower end 775 chip, then upgrade to a C2D or a Quad later when the price drops... if you get a good board now, you will be able to cheaply upgrade to a better processor later.
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