Antec Formula 5 thermal compound? good or junk?

I have a full tube of the Antec Formula 5 silver compound that claims it's made with 99% pure micronized silver and is 75% to 80% silver content by weight. Link of Formula 5

Will this stuff yield temperatures as good as Arctic Silver 5? Looking to use it on CPU, NB, and SB chipset coolers. My specs are below and I have everything but a harddrive but it still needs to be put together. I know these compounds don't cost much, but if the Antec stuff is the same then why buy AS5? Thanks for the help

C2D E6600 goal of 3.7ghz overclock
eVGA 680i mobo
BFG 7900GT OC 256mb
Crucial Ballistix DDR2 1000 2x1gb
Tuniq Tower
Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II NB cooler
Jing Ting Forcetake SB cooler
NZXT Apollo case
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  1. Not sure how it compares to AS5, but i've used the Antec Formular 5 for a few years now (never seams to run out lol).
    Temp droped: 5c on my old P3 850 OCed to 995 (37c load 1 8cm case fan)
    5c again on a P3 900 OCed to 1200 (39c load 1 8cm case fan
    7c on a Athlon XP 2600 barton OCed to 2.3Ghz (43c load 1 12cm case fan, 2 x 8cm case fans)

    Temps were all with an aftermarket cooler (a cheap all copper radial cooler with a 92mm fan, like the old Zalmans) and compared to the cheap TIM that came with it (white silicon stuff).

    I've used it on more things like NB's, GPUs other CPUs etc but dont have the figures for those any more, (but always better than stock stuff)

    Its worked OK for me over the years so if you have some already i would just use that, and like i said it lasts for ever too.
  2. As with Baron, I don't know how it really stacks up against AS5, but it sounds like it should work pretty well. No harm in trying it if you have it, man.
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  10. Dell uses Antec formula 5 on all its top end units- and has for over 4 years... Enough said
  11. Antec Formula 5 is also Arctic Silver 5

    Proof Included:

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    Hi Trademark,

    Yes. Antec Formula 5 is the same thermal compound as Arctic Silver 5.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

    Kirk Olsen
    Arctic Silver, Inc.
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