Does Win 98 not utilize more than 128MB of RAM?

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I've heard this rumored and I haven't been able to confirm it yet so I hope that all the skilled computer folks on the board here can help me.

Does Windows 98 not use more than 128MB of RAM? In other words, if I have 256 or more MB of RAM in the system, anything over 128 is basically useless?? Does that also apply for games that run under win98??


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  1. Win 98 can utilizing more than 128 MB of ram. It will have problem with more than 512MB.
  2. fact is 64 is way not enough because the system uses about all of that. 128 can be enough an will be visible much faster that 64, but after 128 it's hard to see the diference if you are an average user

  3. I have to say that I love my 256MB, and windows uses it up all of the time. Unreal/UT are memory hogs without tuning, Q3 has to have a tweak to use over 56megs. Windows by itself allocates 40-50% of the system memory to Disk Cache. So if you have more it uses more. This will increase disk performance if you leave your computer running. I love it. The law of diminishing returns does come into play, but the 128mb myth is a myth.
  4. You need to go into Memory forum and read the 3 posts "Basic Knowledge 1, 2 & 3"

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  5. After 256 unless your working with 80mg pictures in photoshop (applying a filter for example) its not a significant gain at all.
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