Scythe Ninja - improving heat transfer performance?

Hi - I have a strange question, I suppose, about improving the Scythe Ninja's heat transfer ability from the CPU contact plate to the heat pipes.

Looking at the close up pic I took -

I have indicated with red 4 arrows, spaces between the 3 heatpipes, under the CPU contact plate. If the Ninja is viewed from 90degree to this angle, ie. side on this, there are also several gaps between the other 3 heatpipes that sit on the 3 that touch the plate.

If I understand the science correctly, heat is transferred better through a solid block of copper than it is through air, yet the heatpipes actually have only a small amount of contact area with the copper contact plate and the aluminium heatsink on the other side. A large proportion of the heatpipe surface area is exposed to the air, in the confined spaces between the heatsink and the contact plate.

I am thinking that this heatpipe enclosure should be fully filled with heat transferring material, in order to make it more efficient. Since I can't melt copper and pour it in the spaces, I wonder if filling the spaces with thermal compound will improve the heat transfer capability of the heatpipes?

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  1. Possibly, but quite doubtful. You'll find that thermal compound is a poor thermal conductor over longer distances, it really only serves to ensure a perfectly flat connection between the two surfaces.
    I am highly doubtful that filling in the 'gaps' with thermal compound will be beneficial. If you ask me, let sleeping dragons lie.
  2. Maybe you're right, but it just seems a bit of a missed opportunity to me...

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