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How fast can you strip a PC

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11 June 2010 17:31:11

Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you guys know about a challenge which me and a fellow technician having. Its all about pride as we want to know how fast you can strip a computer.

Me and Chris at PC PAL have done it already and posted our entries on YouTube. We took the challenge to a couple of franchise shows and got general people to give it a try. We would like people to join in and post there entries on YouTube as well. We have made a web page about it and mentioned it on our blog.

We understand that you guys will not have the same computer as us. All we ask is you keep the your setup as close to ours. All info are on the links below. - Spec's can be found here / Leader board - Blog here

Entries for our official leader board can be submitted by sending a messages to our YouTube channel. You can post it in this thread but we cant guarantee that we will pick them up.

Chris is currently in the lead on our official leader board ATM. But not for long as I dont think you guys will fail me.

Look forward to seeing your videos on YouTube.

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11 June 2010 17:40:00

Never tried to time myself on stripping, but my fastest assembly time - including cable tidying and the like - was 9 minutes 43 seconds.
11 June 2010 17:45:53

Stripping is more fun you dont have to take so much care
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11 June 2010 20:37:38

Hmmm.... and the point is ???
12 June 2010 16:23:56

What's the point of racing fast cars around what is effectively a very complicated circle? Or climbing to the top of the tallest mountains? Many activities are pointless, but that doesn't stop them from being fun...