Water Cooling Set Up For Sale (1 Week Old) GREAT DEAL!


I recently put together a new water cooling loop for my E6600 and the temp drop and noise level is not enough for me to justify the $260 price tag. (I got an idle temp of 28c with this set).

It consists of:

Aquaxtreme MP-05 (says Aquaxtreme on the block, but was purchased as a D-Tek block (both make the same block): rivals the Swiftech Storm $72 (retails for $75)

Swiftech MCP655 pump (amazing flow and quiet) $69 (retails for around $75-80)

Swiftech MCRES Micro reservoir $15.99 (retails for $19.99)

Black Ice Stealth 120 Radiator $42.50

6 feet of uncut Clearflex 60 1/2" ID (5/8" OD) tubing (and 4 feet roughly of pre-cut tubing to fit my case) $7.50

4 feet of unused Coolsleeves (5/8" OD) (2 feet of cut Coolsleaves to fit my system) $7

10 Black Tube Clamps (5/8" OD) $7.50

PrimoChill Ice (Green) about half a bottle $19.99

Altogther it cost me around $240 plus shipping, when it could have cost me around $260.

The set was put together and used to turn on the computer for 1 DAY and 1 DAY ONLY. Right now it is just sitting on the floor, waiting to be disassembled and sent off to an owner that actually needs the awesome set for a hot cpu!

If I cannot resell this stuff here, I guess I will just auction it off on ebay. I am willing to here any offers, and am willing to bargain.


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  1. Whats your e mail?
  2. I'm interested in buying this setup. Is there a way where I can talk with you?
  3. To the both of your replies.
  4. It takes more than a day ( like a week ) for the CPU/Heatsink Compound/Waterblock settle in. That is set due to heat cycling.
    I see that you're either impatient or not that knowledgable, you're better off selling it.
    Mi sig is off, I now idle @23C, load @ 26C.
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