need help in selecting case and power

I really need you guys helping me selectin a well perform case and power supply for my new machine

here is my new machine

CPU: AM2 3200+

Motherboard: MSI K9N Neo-F Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 550 MCP ATX

DDR2: CORSAIR XMS2 1GB (2 x 512MB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM Unbuffered DDR2 800

Graphic(Video) Card: MSI NX7600GS-T2D256E Geforce 7600GS 256MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card

here's the question
I want a power supply at least 400W- 450W

and the case, I'll talk about it till next reply
thx a lot
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    thats is massive overkill, u wont need more than 350w. but o well

    as far as a case goes. i'd get this

    its a good case paired with a good PSU.
  2. Any name brand power supply and case will work well. Just get whatever floats your boat. 400w is plenty.
  3. well, first, I'm glad and graceful to see your guys replies
    great people for great support

    so far, I've been discussed my problem within 3 different forums
    thank you again

    but I have few questions

    1. as a friend of mine told me that
    The ePower 500W psu is great..but it doesn't have a 6pin power connector which you need for that video card

    I've been seen most of the power supplies are definetly "main connector 20+4 pin", or "24+4pin"
    but I have yet find any is 6pin?

    but the problem is why do I need a 6 pin power connector? through searching, some builders got 7800GT and works in 4 pin
    I don't get it :(

    2. well, my moeny is really for a great battle XDDDD :lol:
    I would like to spend at leat 100-150 for bot case and powersupply
    My friend recommondend me to get a case with free power supply,
    but many reviewers had warned me " replace a new power supply"

    here are the power supplies which your guys and other great people recommondenend

    RM from Tom Hardwares

    RM from AMD Forums

    RM from a Mobile
  4. Get an Antec True Power 2.0 at least, don't skimp out on a PSU... also, you can always use the same PSU for a new build... but it's all up to you.

    Case wise, I like the TT Shark and Gigabyte Aurora, but those are pretty expensive. NZXT Lexa is a nice case, looks a bit weird, but has good reviews. Sunbeamtech Transformer is a good case, looks a bit kiddish, but has great fan placement and good cooling with some other goodies. Check it out too
  5. The video card you selected dosn't need the 6 pin PCIe connector. Most cards that do usually come with and adapter incase you PSU is not PCIe ready.

    For the PSU check these out. They are good quality and won't break you budget.

    I prefer the true power but the neo power has modular cables.

    I've had this in one of my systems for over a year and it has worked flawlessly.

    I run 4 HD's, a 6800GT video card and an overclocked AMD 64 single core.
  6. thank you again for your guys great replies

    here is a good PSU which few people have recommended me from the list above (post #4)
  7. Quote:
    thank you again for your guys great replies

    here is a good PSU which few people have recommended me from the list above (post #4)

    ph, god no. Who's recommended that?

    Thats a POS. Get the Antec Turepower 550w.
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