Intel 915 & Pentium D

I ve got a Intel 915 with latest bios updates is it compitible with new pentium D series
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  1. i'm not shure about it but on intel website, they say it's only compatible with pentium 4, on the 2 versions of the chipset.... only from 945 and up are compatible with the pentium D
  2. It is not on the supported processor list on the intel website. It goes up to 3.8 Ghz then above that is the 3.4Ghz EE. So I would say no.
  3. you 2 can't say whether it will work or not.... the OP didn't say what specific board he has. "intel 915" could be an intel branded i915 based board.... or it could be an i915 based board from another manufacturer.... lolitha please tell us the specific brand and model motherboard you are refering to.
  4. nope you need min a 945p with a good bios up date or you need a 955x minimum.

    you can by all means try to put a dual core 9xx CPU into your 915 and tell us what happens tho
  5. if the chipset doesn't work doesn't matter the manufacturer of the mobo. yo need at least 945
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