CPU recomendations for a new ASUS A8N SLI Premium MoBo

Greetings: This is a new system build. Just got a new ASUS A8N SLI Premium board.

I also have a 600W power supply, 2-ASUS 6800 cards 256 GDDR3 mem ea. , 36G Raptor, (cooling is not an issue).

Yes, future OC in mind.

Decision: to 1X or 2X? (Gaming mostly)

What would your choice CPU be? Why?

THX everyone. MPX
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  1. Opteron 165 or higher. People are getting FX-60 speeds with the opteron 165 for $300.
  2. I have heard that about the Opteron 165, but The MoBo manual does not list the Opteron, just sez "Socket 939, Athlon 64, FX, 1X or 2X"........

    I'd hate to get something incompatible. Anyone tried one on this MoBo?

    ...THX MPX
  3. I'm using that same MB and Opteron chip. Works well. My chip overclocked to 278*9 = 2502 at stock CPU voltages.
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