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My Win XP machine hit a problem that prevented it from being able to
start up. This was either due to an electrical storm, or, perhaps, a
virus attack, although I have not opened any files and have McAfee
virus scan, firewall, etc installed and running.

Anyway, I have got the PC up and running again having been unable to
boot up into Windows at all.

Now all appears to be working alright, but the screen is slow and
clunky to redraw, redrawing the screen in waves when I scroll windows.
It used to be fast and smooth.

I notice that one of my system device drivers is not loaded due to
being missing or corrupted. The system device with the problem is:-

NVIDIA nForce2 AGP Host to PCI Bridge

QUESTION - What is this system device for? (I notice there are a 7
NVIDIA nForce system devices, one is PCI System Management and the
other 5 Memory Controllers.)

There appear to be 2 driver files for this:-


QUESTION - Are these the correct files and/or should there be more?


Does anyone have any solution that will resolve the slow screen redraw

Should I uninstall the driver and try to install again?

Where can I get driver installations from? (OK, I should have them on
my CD, but can I get them from anywhere else?)

I'm not a XP expert, but have managed to recover my PC. Any idiot
proof help would be very much appreciated!

Thank you in advance.

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    OK. All is sorted out now. I decided to uninstall this driver and
    downloaded a new driver from the NVIDIA website and installed that.

    The screen redraw is back to what it was.

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    All is not quite sorted. Now when I move a document, PDF, TXT, DOC,
    and, no doubt other types, to a different folder I cannot open, delete
    or access the contents of these files.

    Does anyone have any idea what is happening?


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