how can a company tell if i've overclocked ??

if i return a processor that has been overclocked and burnt out, how can...Best Buy or Circuit City, let's say, tell that i overclocked it?

this applies to graphics cards as well, in the event of a burn out
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  1. They can't.

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  2. They can't really tell, unless you have done some modifications on the processor like unlocking operation on AMD processors, or surgeries on a Intel processor.

    BTW if there are marks of overheating or burns, they can conclude that it was mishandled or overheated. That might give them a reason to void the warranty.


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  3. say that the fan just stoped working (of course you will need to make it so that is how it is) then they will warrenty it it is what I have done in the past (2 cpu's and 3 video cards) unless you only bought the cpu from them...just dont let it get burn marks, in all the burnt cpus I have seen I have never seen a burn mark that can not be removed with rubbing alchahol, oooo another good thing to do is to fake complete ignorance. lol go in there and say that line from that comercial "I think I fried the motherboard and the father board too" rofl

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