PC crashing to black screen while game sound loops

This problem just recently started up. I was playing Sleeping Dogs for a few hours and then the PC crashed bringing me to a black screen. Game sound kept looping. My tv displayed no connection found. I had to hard reset the pc. Booted the game back up and I was able to play for 10mins before it crashed.

At first I thought it was just the latest up date for SD so I decided to try another game, Afterfall Insanity. Played for a few hours then it crashed. Same thing black screen etc etc. I loaded up Msi Afterburner to check GPU temps and it was at 80–85 @ 40% usage. This game isn't demanding at all DX9.

I've defragged, ran anti virus, verified game files (Steam Sleeping Dogs) and still no luck. All drivers are up to date as well. PC specs below

FX–8150 @ 3.6ghz
Radeon HD 6990 @ stock settings
Asus Crosshair V
16gb G. SKILL RAM (stock settings)
Corsair 850w Gold Certified

I'll take the PC apart tonight to do some dusting but any ideas are welcome. Thanks :hello:
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  1. have you checked CPU temps as well? but that does sound like a gpu overheat issue.

    and being that it is a 6990 are you able to monitor both gpus?
  2. Yes Msi Afterburner gave me temps for both GPUs. 80-85c. I read an article where that is normal temps under load. I'm surprised it gets that hot though when only using 40%.

    I'll check out the CPU temps but if it were to overheat the whole PC would shut down.
  3. not always, i have had many PC's that sometimes the GPU or CPU would overheat while playing games and would do the same thing.
  4. True. I said that because I have had this CPU overheat before and the system shut completely off within 5mins of start up.

    I'll be able to take the 6990 apart tonight and clean any dust out. Keep you guys posted.
  5. Definitely a heat issue. Are you sure BOTH GPU cores were at 80-85 degrees or just one of them? Because taken into account the temp and GPU load you mentioned, it seems possible that one core is almost at full load while the other one idles. This is just an assumption, ofc. Can't be sure, because it depends a lot on how you're driver is set up, how the game utilizes your GPU cores, where you are taking your temp readings from and how that program handles 2 GPU cores on one PCB, etc.

    If actually both GPUs are at a lowly 40% load at the same time with temps being so high, there is either some serious dust built up, the airflow in your case is totally screwed or you need to replace the thermal paste on your GPU.
  6. I'm guessing dust since I've never dusted out that card since I've had it :-(
  7. Okay so I cleaned out my PC case. Was a lot dustier than I thought I would be. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take apart the 6990 since I didn't have a small enough screwdriver. I did blow air into it though but that didn't do much. I ran Sleeping Dogs again and it was coming up with 85c @ 45% within 5mins of driving around. I should have this card taken apart tonight though.

    The case I have is a Cooler Master Sniper –

    Here's a pic of fan direction. Should be good
  8. 85°C is still okay and it will not lose signal due to that.

    However, download furmark and check how hot the card gets with it.

  9. Thanks I'll try that out later
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