Should I ware cool/peltier?

I am upset at not being able to get my cC0 800 retail over 1gz. This pisses me off. Curently I can get it to 976, but I have to run it at 2.05volts. I have bumped the voltage to 2.22 to get it to 1gh, but i think this is too high. What do you think Even at 2.22volts, it only gets to 39C under load with an alpha. If I can keep the temperature down, can I increase the voltage? Should I consider peltier/water cooling? (PS, I am asking you guys because I've never used either before)

Currently, I have an Alpha PEP66T w/ Sunon fan using Arctic silver thermal interface. Even if I go up to 2.22volts, I run at 23Celsius idle and never been higher than 39celsius under EXTREME load (seti, prime95, heavyload, rc5, f@h, cpu stability test, and UT --- all at the same time). Usually with a couple hours of UT, it stays around 36-37.

The temperature doesn't really seem like a problem, but I worry about the voltage. That is really high. Spec is 1.70. So with better cooling, does it then become OK to have a higher voltage, or is it still a problem.

Thanks a lot guys
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  1. It is good that you don't seem to have a heat problem, but .5V out of spec on a 1.7V part is where I draw the line. That is 30%. You probably can go a little higher, but the tolerances on that stuff are so small, I would start to worry about the voltage jumping the super small gaps of the die. Up to you. 30% is pretty far out of spec.

    "Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
  2. You should be ok... it's good that your using Artic Silver which doesn't do a good job of conducting electricity- unlike some other thermal compounds. If it hasn't fried yet, it probably never will. =)

    -MP Jesse
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