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I've been searching for a puzzle game that I purchased a few years back off the internet. It was a cube based puzzle game where each stage you had to flip cubes around and when they were grouped into threes, they would disappear.

I recall the title having the word cube in it, or some variation. Possibly the word Block.

It could be purchased from a small software developer off their website and I believe they sold additional level packs. I think the developer's name had the prefix digi- in it.

It is NOT Bloxxus, or Cubix, or Cubix 2. I've been searching the internet for awhile and those returns kept popping up. If you know Cubix, here are the key differences: there was no score, time or level display on the left side of the GUI, all the cubes you needed already appeared on the stage, you just had to shift them around (perhaps by tilting the board? or shoving each cube individually, can't remember)

Last note: It had a very pleasing aesthetic. Clean isometric graphics, glassy polish to the cubes, great color palette.

I've seen nearly every computer related question answered on Tom's. I'm hoping this one will be too. :)
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  1. Okay, I got lucky and found an image that lead me down the right path. It's Cubrius by Digital Seed Entertainment.

    Apparently it's a popular free flash game. Any ideas on how to purchase the game as a stand alone executable?

    It's also been retitled as Cuber Xtreme. And I can't find Digital Seed Entertainment anywhere. Their website used to be digisonline.com but now that just leads to an obsolete blob. The person who created the game is Seed, aka Vito Sze.
  2. It is called Cubis, Cubis Gold and Cubis Gold 2 You can play them on Yahoo.com/games. I own the disk to Cubis Gold 2. Here are the links to them.



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