Increase processor speed from 1.66GHz to 1.8GHz

I can't play fifa 12 on my Dell tablet. I have a processor speed of about 1.66GHz. Can I increase it to 1.8GHz? that's the requirement I need to play the game. Any suggestions please
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  1. which model do you have?
    iirc tablet cpus cannot be overclocked, unless your cpu supports turbo boost.
  2. hey man I don't know what model. I'm not sure it's an irrc tablet cpus. Can u tell me what to do?
  3. you cant. tables cant be over-clocked they dont have the cooling.
    tablets are for web browsing and media, not gaming. if you want gaming grade hardware then get a desktop.
  4. iirc means If I Remember Correctly.

    google search your tablet's model number or go to dell's website and search for your tablet using it's model number.
    tablet cpus cannot be overclocked. you're stuck with the speed of your cpu.
    you can try installing the game (if you have it in your possession) and give it a go. try lowering all the settings until it becomes playable.
  5. It's sad, man. I can't just use my tablet to play fifa 12. But it can play Pro Evolution Soccer 10
  6. if it's a tablet pc, you can run cpu z or gpu z or speccy and figure out what model/cpu it is.
  7. Do I download from these sites?
  8. it's up to you.
    it's pretty much established that you can't increase your cpu speed on your tablet. i linked those in case you wanted to know what cpu you were running. however, if your tablet os is android, cpu z and speccy might not run. i don't know if those programs run on android. another, easier way could be to check the user manual.
  9. Means I just need to give up?
  10. marco91955 said:
    Means I just need to give up?

    give up what?
    you can still play fifa on a desktop pc configured to play games.
    you can still play games that play on 1.6 ghz cpus.
    you can still do other stuff with your tablet.
    besides, you didn't provide much info about your device... and tablet cpu speeds cannot be increased. they're factory locked. they need to be that way in order to run properly while maintaining battery life.
  11. I've downloaded so many stuffs so as to boost the game speed. urgh kind of tired ey
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