Various games Not Responding/Crashing/BSODs

I've been having some issues playing games with my new PC setup, all components except the HDD are brand new. I thought it might be a game issue with BF3 but it also happens with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Basically it can run for an hour or two no problem but then it will just freeze and come up with "???.exe has stopped responding". I can CTRL+ALT+DEL and close it and start the game again but it does it quite a lot. I have also had a few BSOD's, one was whilst watching a video and one was whilst gaming. I've run memtest but only one pass which was fine. Graphics drivers are up to date and i've tried reinstalling them. No components are overheating, the PSU is more than enough for my setup, CPU is not overclocked and GPU is factory-overclocked.

ASUS Z68-V motherboard
i5-2500k cpu
8GB G-Skill RAM (1600MHz)
Corsair 850W PSU
and my old HDD, some 500GB horrible thing.

Could my HDD be the problem or does it sound more RAM/GPU related?
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  1. Hello, what was the error code on BSOD(s)?
  2. I had one caused by ntoskrnl.exe (googled this and people say to try different gpu driver versions?) another was from lvuvc64.sys which is a logitch webcam driver, i've got rid of this now. I did have a BSOD yesterday but that doesn't seem to have saved a dmp file for that.
  3. hmm, well if you get any more bsods write down what caused it and the error code

    as far as figuring out if its your hdd causing problems, here's a few links:

    -HDD diagnostics
    -Data Lifeguard Diagnostic by WD
  4. also just got a 'Corrupt texture data passed into PCDX11Texture constructor!' from Deus Ex :/ no idea if this is related as i've not got this one before...
    If it BSOD's again i'll post the info here - thanks for the links.
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