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Hello, what can i do? i have a low budget around 6500 INR what will i do. will i purchase pc graphics card or buy ps2 for playing games?
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  1. buy a graphic card as it will have better graphics than ps2 and will provide you a wide range of games, also there won't be any need for using the disk for playing games that we need in ps2. With that budget you can buy HD5670 i.e dx 11 card and a really good one.
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  2. But we got to know which PC config he's got as well.
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  3. If your PC is strong enough, you should definitely just get a graphics card. It'll be easier for you find games for the PC since Steam is constantly throwing sales.

    I used to play on a very weak dual core Athlon with a GT 9500, it could handle games up to L.A. Noire standards, albeit the FPS is around 20 or so.
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