XBOX 360 Joysticks don't work on 64-bit Windows 7 PC.

My wired 360 controller was automatically recognized and drivers installed successfully when I plugged it into my Windows 7 PC but neither joysticks work. When I try to Calibrate nothing happens when I move the sticks, but all other buttons work fine in the "test" mode. The actual stick buttons, when I click them down, work fine...

Also, I am a PS3 owner just getting into PC gaming. I bought the 360 controller thinking that I wouldn't have to install any 3rd party software. If it turns out that I do, is there any benefit to using the 360 controller over the PS3 one?

Any advice?
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  1. Did you install the drivers off the disk first? I installed my 360 pad only this past weekend and it works flawlessly!
  2. the 360 one is the best solution available for pc, ive had several different 360 controllers on many different pc systems and the have all worked flawlessly with no problems, If your controller is not defective then you might want to try a new usb port, other than that there should be no drivers that you need to install off a disc, its a microsoft product afterall.. sorry its giving you all this trouble...can you test the controller on a different pc to determine if it defective or not? Is your usb port functioning properly with other devices?

    the ps3 controllers that they have for pc are crap imo
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