How to stop errors on will rock the game setup

I have a problem installing will rock the game.I downloaded a torrent and burned it into a disc i click auto run and a window of will rock came and i clicked install game after that the installsheild wizard came and started after 3 seconds a error came up sying to make sure i have finished all setups and close all programs if you can please put them to this e-mail or post it under
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  1. this is another joke right? Like piranha 3D?

    1st...that game is a joke
    2nd...why do you expect us 2 know how to fix an error when opening this 7 year old game by vaguely describing it. Did it occur to you that asking this question on the game developers website might be a good idea.
    3rd...ya basically explained in so many words that you downloaded an illegal copy of the game. These often carry mysterious bugs and or virus'

    good luck
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