Does GRID require a CD key? (I'm not asking for the key itself)

First off, as the title states, I'm NOT asking for the key. I definitely know that's not allowed here and I've pointed that out to many other people before.

Here is my situation and why I'm asking the question that I am. I just purchased GRID from a local Gamestop store. After getting back from the store, I opened up the case and nowhere is there a CD key. There's nothing on the manual and nothing on the DVD. I know how Gamestop leaves opened cases on the shelves and they store the DVDs and manuals in a drawer. I'm wondering if there was another card that has the DVD key on it and the clerk forgot to give it to me (or worse yet, the store lost it)!

The only reason I purchased this game from Gamestop is because it was on sale for $9.99. Otherwise, I would have gotten it from Steam. Has anyone else purchased the physical game and know if a CD/DVD key is necessary? If it is, I'm taking the game back and hopefully either get the key from the store I purchased it from or else, get my money back.

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    Been a long time since I installed it, so cannot remember the procedure. However, just checked my box and I've only got one instruction booklet which has no CD key on it anywhere - and I've been running the game without problems for the last couple of years (which included a change in motherboard and a change from Vista to W7 - each time doing a fresh install).

    Sounds like you've got everything you should have, install and enjoy. :)
  2. Thanks Stu! That's what I wanted to make sure. I was alarmed that there was no CD key anywhere.

    I guess I'll find out tonight. I still have the receipt. I just hope Game Stop doesn't give me a load of crap if I do need the key.
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  4. nope, im 100% sure it doesnt. Even for online play you dont need a key.
    Good job codemasters :p
  5. Only bad part is it still uses SecureRom, or at least, when i forgot to put the DVD into my drive before launching the application, that's what it said had kicked in.
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