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I was wondering if anyone could remember the name of an old racing game for the PC? You were a character inside this big round roll cage (I think it was yellow). The track was quite dark in colour, and you had a time limit to complete laps around the track. I think there were also boosts you could pick up. Sorry that I can't be more specific, it was a long time ago. Thanks.
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  1. Stunt Car Racer ?
    Or something like that.
  2. It wasn't as old as that, probably mid-90s. You weren't actually in a car, it was a spherical cage, I remember it being yellow in colour. Thanks for the reply though :)
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    Pretty sure you're thinking of Scorcher, released on Sega Saturn and PC. Cage is green in colour, mind. Check the youtube link for some gameplay footage:
  4. Thank you so much. That's it!! Scorcher. I am currently the happiest dude of 2010.
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