New Tom's Steam Group

We had a little chat on the Gaming forums and realized there was no group, so I created one for anyone interested :sarcastic:

Join if you'd like.

(Yes I do realize this is absolutely off topic, but I'm counting on my good looks to keep me from getting ripped apart by Ape or any other mod :whistle: )

EDIT: Let me know if you want admin status, just IM me on steam.

>> Made another thread about this on the Graphics forum to get the word out :kaola: <<
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  1. joined :)
  2. lol strangerstranger would report :na:

    I'll join for L4D, i'm currently a zombie pwnzor :D
  3. This topic has been moved from the section CPU-Components to section Games General by Jake_Barnes
  4. I had made a comment earlier in this thread (that has since been removed) joking around about which section the thread was originally in. It was brought to my attention that my humor missed the spot and might of come off as offensive or insulting, if that's the case, please accept my apologies, that was not my intent.
  5. what did he say.... *whines*
  6. Joined it last night.
  7. Yay, I joined 2! Now I can pwnz teh zombies!
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