How to Use the Microsoft My People App

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One of the many new features emerging from the Windows Insider Program is the My People app. My People is an easy way to connect with 3 of your closest contacts via Skype, email or just within the People app. This feature was originally slated to be released in the original Creators Update but got delayed and was eventually released in the Windows 10 Insider Build (Redstone 3.)

In the guide, we will go through the pertinent features of My People and show you how to get started using this app.

Before we get started, ensure that you are using Windows 10, Build 16184 or later as My People is not available on earlier versions.

1. Getting Started with My People
My People can be found in the Windows 10 taskbar to the bottom right of the desktop. Simply click on the My People Icon to open the app. My People can be seen as a central hub that gathers all your contacts from various apps such as Outlook and Skype. My People allows you to pin up to 3 contacts to the taskbar for quick and easy accessibility.

When you first launch the app, you will be greeted with a splash screen that will walk you through the initial set up process. After the initial setup, My People will begin sifting through your email and Skype contacts to suggest people for you to connect with.

2. Adding Contacts
If you would like to add a contact other than the ones suggested by the app, you can click on the Find and pin contacts button to the bottom of the app screen. Doing this will search through your connected apps to find the person you would like to connect to. Contacts can also be added by clicking on the See More button (the 3 horizontal dots on the bottom right of the app) and clicking New contact. This will open a New Outlook contact form so you manually fill in contact data.

3. Pinning Contacts to the Taskbar
Pin contacts to the taskbar by clicking on the My People icon in the taskbar and clicking on the contacts listed in the People tab. With your contact in the taskbar, you can connect with them via the People app, Outlook or Skype. Clicking on the contact’s icon in the taskbar will open the history of your interaction with them.

4. Connecting with Your Contacts
Connect with your pinned contacts by clicking on them in the taskbar and selecting one of the 3 currently available methods:
People – View contact information, upcoming events, and conversations.
Email – View and send emails from directly within the My People app.
Skype – Initiate a Skype call or message from within the My People app.

5. Combining Contacts
Directly below the contact options, you will see a Combine duplicate contacts link. Clicking on this link will let you merge contacts that may be listed separately. Be sure to make use of this feature to reduce clutter in your contacts list.