How to fix black screen after resuming from Sleep/Hibernate/Display power off for Windows 10/8/7

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This is how to fix the 'bug' where your screen goes black and stays black, making your machine inoperable, after resuming from display powering off due to inactivity, or sleep/hibernate modes.

There can be many causes for this, but here are a couple solutions I have found to work for me in the past, and just recently after installing a new motherboard.

First of all, you need to find out what key allows you to go into the BIOS config, Most of the time, it is DEL (Below INS and to the left of End), F12, or F9. I would also recommend searching up what the BIOS menu for your motherboard looks like.
For example, all I had to do was search up my motherboard manufacturer and what it looked like, and this is generally what mine may look like

Then, shut down your computer, and after powering up, spam that key until a menu comes up.
For example, mine looks like this

All BIOS setting menus for manufacturers is different, so you will have to look around, but you are looking for something that talks about powering up, or waking from keyboard/mouse.
If you look in the image above, with my BIOS, there are 2 options, power on my mouse, and power on by keyboard, by default for me, they were disabled.

Having it disabled makes it so your machine can't wake from sleep/hibernate/display shutdown via your keyboard and mouse... making it completely black.

So you can simply change the disabled options to Enabled. Then there should be a menu about saving/exiting, you want to head to that tab, and press the "Save & Exit" button. Your computer will restart like normal and the issue should be cleared.

Now, to be safe, I would still run a virus scan, to be positive it is not a virus preventing the waking up from sleep/hibernate/display shutdown.