How to turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 10

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Windows 10 continues the habit of regular updates to improve security, add features and fix bugs. All good things wrapped up in a very annoying bundle I’m sure you’ll agree. If you have used Windows for any length of time, you can’t help but get annoyed with Automatic Updates. While essential, they have a habit of rebooting your computer at the worst possible time. Here is how to turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 10.

Even with the advent of quiet hours, there may still be a reason to turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 10. Windows 10 Home doesn’t have much control over Automatic Updates but can do a little. Other editions have more control.

Important note: Turning off Automatic Updates in Windows 10 is not something I suggest as you miss out on all the security updates Microsoft releases. However, if it is causing issues with your computer it may help troubleshoot or stop Windows retrying every time you reboot.

Turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 10
There are three ways to turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 10. You can stop the Windows Update service, set your computer up with a metered connection or use Group Policy. The first two will work for Windows 10 Home users too while the last will not.

1. Right click in the Windows Taskbar and select Task Manager.
2. Select the Services tab and then Open services at the bottom.
3. Right click Windows Update and select Properties and then Manual or Disabled under Startup type.

Setting up a metered connection stops Windows automatically downloading updates. This only works if you are using a laptop, tablet or have a Wi-Fi card in your desktop.

1. Click the Windows Start button and select Settings.
2. Navigate to Network & Internet and Wi-Fi.
3. Select Advanced Options and then ‘Set as metered connection’.

Finally, if you use any Windows 10 version other than Home, you can use gpedit to turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 10.

1. Type or paste ‘gpedit’ into the Search Windows box.
2. Navigate to Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components and Windows Update.
3. Modify ‘Configure Automatic Updates’ in the left pane to ‘2 – Notify for download and notify for install’.

If you turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 10, remember to enable it regularly to keep up to date.

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