How to stream audio over Bluetooth in Windows 10

windows 10 Audio Devices Bluetooth
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It's not unusual for us to contemplate having music, audio lectures or recordings being played back from our smartphones and streamed over to an audio equipment with the help of the Bluetooth standard but it hasn't been done so on the PC, that is, until now. With the prerequisite of having a Bluetooth radio device on your system Windows 10 allows a user to stream audio to a device/an equipment much like a smartphone could/would. This tutorial will show you how to do so.

Open "Stat Menu" by clicking the "Start Button" in the lower left corner of the screen or tap the "Windows" key on your keyboard
in the Start Search Field type "settings"
press "Enter" or click on "Settings"

Locate "Devices".

Click "Bluetooth" in the left pane.

Set the toggle switch at the top to the "On" position.
A list of pair-able devices will now appear below. You can also take note of other devices that are currently paired over the radio.

Select "Pair" to connect your system to a new Bluetooth Device.
N.B: Due to security protocols, some/all devices will require a passkey or an authentication number/PIN that can and will be provided by the product's label or device to allow you to pair with your PC.