How to create a reminder in Sticky Notes in Windows 10

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Nothing shouts ‘disorganized’ like a screen surrounded by sticky notes. Fortunately, Windows has created a virtual version that will remind you of the things you need to remember without cluttering up your desk. If you want to create a reminder in Sticky Notes in Windows 10, here’s how.

Create a reminder in Sticky Notes in Windows 10
Sticky Notes are a cool little desktop reminder and note system that works flawlessly within Windows 10. Available on the desktop and held in memory, they can even survive a reboot. I use them all the time for anything from shopping lists to daily tasks. Just as good as real thing but without the sticky residue!

1. Type or paste ‘sticky’ into the Search Windows box.
2. A yellow square should appear in the center of your screen.
3. Type on it using the usual commands.

You can change the color of the note if you want by click the three dots. When you’re in the color section, the settings cog will appear in the bottom left of the note. It might be worth your while turning off ‘Send application usage statistics’ while you’re there.

If you use Windows Ink, it changes the way Sticky Notes work slightly. They are accessible through the Windows Ink Workspace and can recognize things like dates and times and add them to your calendar. That isn’t available in the standard version just yet.

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