How To disable Windows Defender In Windows 10

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I have come up with the fact that Windows defender [not great]!!! You can say what ever you want but every one has there own opinion.

It eats far to many cpu cycles,And it all so degrades the performance of windows 10 while it will continually run in the back round as MSMPENG or Anti-malware service.

This this option i would recommend on getting Windows 10 Pro.You will not be able to do this with the home version.I have tried for a month and can not disable it with the home version.

The Reason why i say the PRO version is be cause you get to unlock the Group Policy Editor.

All versions of the latest Home versions do not have the Group Policy Editor.Don't ask me why ask Microsoft.

Ok ok enough rambling.

Any who here is one of three steps how you can disable.

The Group Policy Editor is only part of Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise. To turn off Windows Defender using it do the following:

Step one.

1.Tap on the Windows-key to open the Start Menu.
2.Type gpedit.msc and hit enter.
3.Confirm the UAC prompt to continue.
4.You find the setting by following this path: Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender.
5There you find the policy "Turn off Windows Defender".
6.Double-click on the policy.
7.Set the state of the policy to enabled in the window that opens, and click ok to save the change.

Now some times if you have an update it might re enable it.So you might have to disabled it again.

Step two.

You may disable Windows Defender in the Windows Registry as well. Basically, it is the same setting that gets written to it when you disable the application in the Group Policy Editor.

1.Tap on the Windows-key to open the Start Menu.
2.Type regedit.exe and hit enter.
3.Confirm the UAC prompt to continue.
4.Navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender
5.If you see the preference DisableAntiSpyware on the right double-click on it and set it to 1 to disable Windows Defender.
6.If the preference does not exist, right-click on Windows Defender and select New > Dword (32-bit) Value, and name it DisableAntiSpyware.

Now Step Three might be better off with the people on Home version of windows.It's a third party program executable.

Here is the Link for the web site below.

I would recommend on running Malwarebytes on the program just in case to scan it.

When i did scan it.It came up clean

Just a precaution though keeping Malwarebytes on system is a much better Alternative than Windows defender.Be cause you can set it up so that it only scans or updates the way you want it to.

Since i have done this my CPU stays around idle 10% or lower with out this running all the time.