How to set up and join a Homegroup in Windows 10

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A Homegroup is Microsoft’s way of organizing your home network to allow file sharing between devices. As a member of a Homegroup, computers, tablets, phones and even an Xbox can all share files, folders and media. If you would like to take advantage of this feature and want to know how to set up and join a Homegroup in Windows 10, here’s how you do it.

Set up and join a Homegroup in Windows 10
While not without its issues, setting up a Homegroup is actually quite straightforward.

1. Navigate to Control Panel, Network and Internet and Homegroup.
2. Click the Create a homegroup button.
3. Confirm when asked and configure what media you want to be shared across the group.
4. Hit next and Windows will create the Homegroup.
5. Save the Homegroup password somewhere safe as each device that connects will need to enter it. You can change it if you wish.
6. Allow the process to complete and it will return you do the Homegroup page.

Your Homegroup should now be created. You can join it on other devices by selecting the ‘Join Homegroup’ option in their respective Control Panels. Enter the password when prompted to allow access.

Homegroup creation can be problematic and is a known issue with all iterations of Windows. If you do have problems creating a Homegroup, you could try folder sharing instead.

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