How To Check Your Ping and Fix Lag in Overwatch

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High ping and loads of lag can be seen when you suddenly can't move at all, and then are just dead without anything having happened on your screen. It happens, you get disconnected briefly and your hero just stands around looking like an easy target. So how do you tell what your ping is at all times, and better yet, how do you prevent it from happening in the first place?

Step 1) Display your ping and other information.
While in game, press Control+Shrift+R to show information in the top right hand side of the screen such as frames per second, ping, and more. For the purposes of this guide, the shown stat we want to watch here is the PNG, which is the ping.

Step 2)Make sure your system is able to handle the game in the first place.
Lag in game doesn't always mean the lag is caused by your connection to the server, it can be caused by your hardware not being able to handle the game in the first place. Check this website to see if your computer meets the specs required to run this:

Step 3)Check your internet speeds
Make sure you are getting the speeds you should be from your internet provider, this is a good tip for anyone really, you pay for it, you should get it. There's a number of different websites out there that will help you run a speed test on your internet connection, I recommend for this.

Step 4)Get a VPN designed to remove lag for gaming purposes.
This is something you would have to pay for, but this is specifically designed to help you reduce ping in games such as Overwatch, KillPing is one I've seen recommended the most, with it being shown to reduce ping by up to 60% for some users. This option is only going to work on PC of course, but is by far the best option when your hardware is up to snuff, and your internet speed is as good as it gets, and you are still somehow lagging.

Hopefully this helps, because there's nothing like running into a team as reaper with your ultimate ready, only to lag out and get shot in the head while you stand there in the middle of them.