How to open Settings in Windows 10

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The Settings window is one of two ways you get to control Windows 10. The other is Control Panel which is still in the same place and performs the same functions as in previous versions. The Settings app makes computer configuration much more accessible than in previous versions, offering quick access for basic tasks. There are multiple ways to open Settings in Windows 10, here are just a few.

Open Settings in Windows 10
I have found six different ways to open Settings in Windows 10.

Click the Windows button and click Settings.


Type or paste ‘settings’ into the Search Windows box.


Ask Cortana if you have it enabled on your Windows 10 computer.


Use the Action Center by clicking All settings.


Type or paste ‘ms-settings:’ into an Explorer address bar.


Press Windows key and I.

While the Settings app is pretty good, for more power over how Windows 10 works it is still easier and faster to use Control Panel. I tend to use Settings for the basic configurations and Control Panel for the more involved ones.

Once in the Settings window, you can use the icons as you see them or type in the name of the function you’re looking for in the ‘Find a setting’ box. Using search is a bit hit and miss though. Even if you type in something exactly as you find it in the Settings app, Windows often cannot find it. One of the many vagaries of Windows 10!

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