How to group your apps on Start in Windows 10

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The Start menu was probably the single most welcome feature in Windows 10. After half-hearted attempts to shoehorn it back in with Windows 8.1, it is now back for good. It’s a proper Start menu too, with a few modern extras such as live tiles. Those tiles can be moved, added to or changed as you see fit. They can also be grouped for fast access, which is what we’re going to look at today.

If you want to know how to group your apps on the Start menu in Windows 10, this is for you.

Full screen Start menu in Windows 10

Depending on how you use your computer, you may have only a couple of live tiles, or a couple of dozen. Getting them into some kind of order is going to make life a lot easier. Group your Start menu apps in Windows 10 and you always know where you are.

First let’s make the start menu full screen to make working with it easier.

1. Right click on the empty desktop and select Personalize.
2. Select Start on the left pane and ‘Use Start full screen’ on the right.
3. Click the Start button to access the full screen Start menu.

Once we have grouped the apps on Start we can undo this to return it to normal.

Group your apps on Start in Windows 10
With your Start menu full screen it is much easier to work with the live tiles. There will likely be at least a couple of groups already set up, so let’s start with those.

1. Hold your mouse over one of the category labels and you should see two lines on the right of it. Click that to rename the Start menu group.
2. Drag that label to move the group to a different position. A divider will automatically appear to separate groups.
3. To create a new group, drag and drop a tile into an empty space on the Start menu. A label box should automatically appear along with a divider. Call the group something meaningful and the group is created.

Once you have finished creating and moving your Start menu groups, return the menu to normal or leave it full screen.

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