How to install a color profile for your monitor in Windows 10

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Not all computer monitors are created equal. Different manufacturers have different ideas about color and many monitors render them slightly differently across their range. To address this, installing a color profile can control how an image is displayed on one or multiple monitors. I suggest everyone install a color profile for your monitor in Windows 10 as it can completely change your experience.

Printers and scanners automatically use their own color profile, which is why some prints or scans look different than they do on screen. Color profiles can more closely align the two. It is an incredibly useful tweak for graphic designers and photographers, gamers or anyone who uses their computer for work.

How to install a monitor color profile in Windows 10
Color profiles are particular to your monitor manufacturer and instructions may differ slightly between them.

1. Visit the monitor manufacturer’s website.
2. Search for drivers for your monitor model. Although they are technically profiles, many monitor manufacturers refer to them as drivers.
3. Download the latest file for your specific make and model of monitor.
4. Extract the file if it is an archive or execute it if it’s a .exe.
5. Type or paste ‘colorcpl’ into the Search Windows box.
6. Select your monitor if you have multiple monitors and check the ‘Use my settings for this device’ box.
7. Click Add at the bottom of the screen and then Browse in the new window.
8. Navigate to the driver you downloaded and click on the .icc file.
9. Select Add and see the colors change to the new profile.

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