How to get out of Windows 10 repair loop

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Windows 10 gets many things right but it isn’t perfect. Neither could it possibly be with millions of potential hardware and software configurations to content with. Fortunately, there are tricks and fixes for the most prevalent Windows errors, including the very annoying Windows 10 repair loop. So if you need to get out of Windows 10 repair loop, here’s how!

You will need your Windows 10 installation media and set your computer BIOS to boot from it for this to work.

Get out of the Windows 10 repair loop
1. Reboot your system with the Windows 10 installation media inserted and let it boot from it.
2. Select language and keyboard, then click Next.
3. Select Repair your installation when you see the Install now screen.
4. Select Troubleshoot and then Advanced options.
5. Select Command prompt.
6. Type or paste ‘bcedit’. You should now see a window with some GUID numbers. Look for ‘resumeobject’ and note the GUID number.
7. Type or paste ‘bcdedit /set {theGUIDnumber} recoveryenabled No’. This will disable the loop.
8. Type or paste ‘chkdsk /r c:’. This will check your hard disk for errors.
9. Type or paste ‘sfc /scannow’. This will check files for corruption.

Once complete, reboot the machine and let it boot. The repair loop should no longer appear and your system should boot into Windows 10 normally.

If your system still doesn’t boot correctly, retry these steps up to and including step 7.

Then try:
1. Type or paste ‘bootrec /fixmbr’. This will attempt to fix the master boot record by writing a new one.
2. Type or paste ‘bootrec /fixboot’. This will write a new boot sector.

This should most definitely fix the Windows 10 repair loop. If it doesn’t, it might be time to consider a re-installation.

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