How to get into advanced startup options in Windows 10

windows 10 Data Recovery Command Prompt
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There are four ways to access advanced startup options in Windows 10. Each allows you to access the advanced option during boot from which you can access Windows repair, restore, image recovery, troubleshoot and more depending on what you have installed. Here’s how to get into advanced startup options in Windows 10.

Control Panel
1. Navigate to Settings and Update and Recovery.
2. Click the Restart now option under Advanced start-up.
3. Warning – This will immediately restart your machine, this isn’t a setting but a command.

Restart menu
You can also access advanced startup with the desktop menu. It is a bit faster than using the Control Panel.

1. Click on the little Windows button to access the start panel.
2. Select Power.
3. Then Shift and left lick on Restart.

This does the same thing, immediately restarts your machine into advanced startup.

Command line
For those who prefer the command line, there is a quick command to reboot a Windows machine into advanced startup.

1. Open a CMD window as Administrator.
2. Type or paste ‘shutdown.exe /r /o’.
3. Press enter and await the reboot.

You can also turn this into a batch file if you would prefer.

Installation media method
This final way to access advanced startup is a little long-winded but is most useful if you’re troubleshooting problems with your Windows 10 install and cannot use the other options.

1. Insert your Windows 10 installation media.
2. Set your BIOS to boot from it and restart.
3. Let the system boot, select language and keyboard options when prompted.
4. Select Repair your computer and not Install now.

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