Removing the USB speed error notification in Windows 10

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The USB speed error notification in Windows 10 isn’t the most informative in the world. It usually read something like ‘This device can perform faster, connect it to a Hi-Speed USB 2 port. For a list of available ports…’ Only, if you build your own PC or have modified it in any way, the list of available ports can be empty or incorrect. Fortunately, removing the USB speed error notification in Windows 10 is easy. Here’s how.

Disabling the error notification won’t speed up your USB drive which might indeed be running slower than it could. It will just stop Windows nagging you about it.

Remove the USB speed notification in Windows 10

1. Navigate to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound and Device Manager or type ‘Device Manager’ into the Search Windows box.
2. Select Universal Serial Bus controllers.
3. Right click the USB Host Controller and select Properties.
4. Select Advanced and uncheck the box that says ‘Tell me if my device can perform faster’.

Once disabled, you should be able to use any USB drive in any USB port without Windows trying to tell you what to do!

The only exception to disabling notifications is if you see a yellow exclamation icon next to a USB entry within Device Manager. It could indicate a hardware or driver error which you would be better off addressing rather than ignoring.

You can usually tell what speed your USB is by the color. A white cable or port should be USB 1, a black cable or port USB 2 and a blue port or cable USB 3.

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