How to Defrag in Windows 10

windows 10 Windows Defragment Optimization
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Overtime the performance of Windows 10 tends to become sluggish. This happens primarily due to the scattering of critical system files over an installation drive, requiring the OS to search for them in multiple places. This causes the OS to become what is known as fragmented. One of the ways in which you can optimize your installation of Windows 10 is by defragmenting the partition on which your OS is on. It should be noted that due to the internal physical architecture of an SSD, it is only advised to defrag a platter/mechanical drive.

In the Start Menu Search Field type

Click "Defragment and Optimize drives"

Select your hard drive

Click "Analyze"

In essence if your installation is on an SSD the "Analyze" button should be grayed out. Within the same window you'll see the fragmentation percentage at which your drives stand with advice on which partition's require a defragmenting session.