How to Reset or Refresh Windows 8

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You can Refresh or Reset Windows 8 operating system using its inbuilt features. These features will change your PC settings back to their default so as to improve system performance. In this tutorial, I will explain steps on how to reset or refresh Windows 8.

Refresh option will reinstall Windows 8 without affecting your personal data, settings and applications that you have installed from Windows store as well as those came with your PC. Refresh feature is highly recommended when your system becomes unstable and speed is low.

Reset option will reinstall Windows 8 by deleting your personal data, settings, and applications. However, the apps that came with your PC remain unaffected. Resetting is same as formatting the hard disk with reinstallation of Windows. Users prefer reset option when they need to sell their PC.

Steps to Reset Windows 8

As reset will delete all files permanently so it is recommended to backup data in order to prevent data loss.
Step 1. Open Charm bar then go to setting icon as shown below:

Step 2. Go to change PC settings as shown in below figure:

Step 3. Go to General option in PC settings then select Remove everything and reinstall Windows on the right panel as shown below:

Step 4. Once Get Started is selected, a new screen will open which displays the following information:
Reset aftereffects:
All your personal files and apps will be removed.
Your PC settings will be changed back to their defaults. Click next to proceed.
How to Refresh Windows 8

Refresh option will revert PC setting to default without affecting your files. Follow the below steps to refresh Windows 8:
Step 1. Select Refresh your PC without affecting your files option as shown below:

Step 2. A new screen will open which displays what will happen after refreshing system. Click next to proceed
Your files and personalization settings won’t change.
• Your PC settings will be changed back to their defaults.
• Apps from Windows Store will be kept.
• Apps you installed from discs or websites will be removed.
• A list of removed apps will be saved on your desktop.