How to Assign a Picture Password in Windows 10

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How to Assign a Picture Password in Windows 10

Just like on an Android phone, you can also use a drawing pattern to log on to your Windows 10 PC.

However, unlike Android devices, in Windows 10 you can choose an image on which you want draw. Every time you attempt to log on to Windows, the operating system displays the same image and lets you to draw the pattern before it allows you to access the PC.

Here is how you can assign a picture password for your account in a Windows 10 computer:

  • Sign in to your Windows 10 computer.
  • Once the desktop screen comes up, click the Start button.
  • Click the Settings option from the left pane of the Start menu.
  • From the SETTINGS window, click Accounts.
  • On the ACCOUNTS window, click Sign-in options from the left pane.
  • From the right pane, under the Picture password section, click Add.
  • When prompted, provide the correct password for the currently signed in user account and click OK.
  • On the Welcome to picture password window, from the left pane, click Choose picture.
  • Next, browse, locate and select your preferred picture on which you wish to set an unlock pattern.
  • On the “How’s this look” window, from the left pane, click Use this picture.Note: To select a different picture, click Choose new picture from the left pane.
  • In the right section of the window, draw 3 different patterns over the selected pictures.
  • When done, redraw the patterns for confirmation.
  • Finally click the Finish button from the bottom of the left pane to set the patterns as the password to sign in to Windows 10.
  • Back on the desktop screen, click the Start button.
  • From the top of the Start menu, click your name.
  • From the displayed options, click Sign out.
  • Once you are logged out of your account, on the displayed image that you selected, draw the unlock pattern to sign back in to your account.Note: From the left section of the sign-in window, you can click Sign-in options to view all of the available sign in options. From here you can choose to type password to sign in if you forget the unlock pattern.
  • To remove the picture password, follow the above steps and from the right section of the Sign in options page in the ACCOUNTS window, click Remove from under the Picture password section.