Detailed instructions on posting images on Tom's hardware.

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To begin with, for any post you wish to embed images in, you'll need to first upload the images to an online hosting service or other web-attached storage service like a folder in your own hosting package if you own a domain name and have it hosted somewhere. For the average visitor I recommend something like or

Once you create an account at one of these sites, you generally can save your uploaded images to your profile for future reference, but if the image is only likely to be referenced in this one post then simply uploading the image as a guest is sufficient. This can be done as follows.

Since MOST posted images will be of screenshots for diagnostic purposes, suffice to say that a screenshot can be obtained by pressing the windows key plus the print screen button and then navigating to the folder designated for saved images, at least with windows 8/8.1 and 10. This folder is generally located in the pictures library of your computer unless you've changed the designated folder to another location.

For other versions of Windows, additional steps may be required to take and save a screenshot which you can google for explicit instructions on how to accomplish. For most newer BIOS screenshots you can simply press F12 and a screenshot of the current BIOS window will be created and saved to any usb flash drive currently attached to the system. Older non-UEFI based BIOS's are unlikely to have this feature. Check your motherboard manual or google your board model and BIOS screenshot to verify this feature.

In order to embed images in your post, you'll need a hosted link to refer to, so you can start by going to (For example) and clicking on the "Browse" button shown beneath the heading that says "Upload images and videos".

In the window that appears, navigate to the location of the image on your computer.

Click on the image and then click on "Upload now!"

On the resulting page there will be several fields listed.

Select the content in the field indicating "Direct link for layouts" and select Copy by right clicking on the selected text.

You are now ready to post the link into your thread. If you choose you can save this link to a notepad file for future reference or immediately use the link by clicking on the "Post an answer" button (Not the quick reply or regular "Answer" box at the bottom of the thread) at the lower right hand side of the last post in any open thread.

Next, you'll want to click on the polaroid picture looking icon located in the middle of the toolbar at the top of the dialogue box, in between the letter A and the link icon which is represented by a chain link.

In the box that pops up paste your earlier copied link to the hosted image, click ok and continue on with the remainder of your reply content if necessary or click the "Answer" button to post the reply.

As a shortened version of the above procedure, you can post any hosted image into the post by simply adding the following code where you want it in your reply (Even quick replies), remembering to replace the highlighted text shown below with the actual link to your image.