FAQ: Why can't I use a crap PSU?

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This is an excerpt about an EVGA G1 unit, but also applies to a lot of other crap like Corsair CX, ect. Don't be fooled by the brand name on the sticker. Know your OEMs!

First, understand that EVGA (or Corsair, or many other "Brands") does not manufacture the PSU. They contract that to various OEMs, and each OEM builds something completely different with different designs, different quality parts, and different manufacturing process.


Unfortunately EVGA had quite a learning curve. The older units range from poor to hazardous.

What makes a quality power supply?

- Line regulation
- Ripple supression
- safety
- craftsmanship (skilled soldering, heat shrinking)
- endurance
- component quality
- warranty (usually a good indicator of all of the above)

A poor PSU may not even output the advertised spec. Poor ripple suppression causes CPUs to miss cycles and resulting system freeze, and causes graphics cards to run like crap, artifact, driver crash, ect.

Example: Thermaltake uses whatever OEM bids cheapest when awarding contracts to build PSUs. What you end up with are half-baked units using substandard hardware and put togther using every corner cutting technique available.

"But this review says it's good!" There a tons of wannabee PSU reviewers that are posting little more than paid adverts.

A good reviewer doesn't just test cherry picked review samples sent to him/her. He buys random units off the shelf. He puts them in a hot box to see if those capacitors can really tank 50C as advertised.

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