How to fix vSync input lag!

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Canadian Ace
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vSync - no input lag FINALLY.

I've seen countless solutions for vSync with regards to input lag and tearing. Some people suggest limiting your FPS with vSync off, but that still produces some nasty tearing, some suggest using triple buffering if you can, but that produces bad input lag. the solution? Read on.

First what you'll want to do is create a profile in CCC or nvidia control panel (depending on your card) for the game you wish to play. And from there Force vsync and triple buffering OFF. that's it, done (unless you wanna fiddle around with other settings like crossfire)

Next what you'll need is a good frame limiting program, Personally I use MSI afterburner, available here -

Once that is complete, go into the after burner settings and go to the on screen display tab, all the way at the bottom click "more" and set the frame limit to 58.

Last step - go into your game settings and turn vsync on (preferably double buffering if you get the option) and that's it, no input lag, no tearing. Works for me FINALLY, hope it works for you guys/girls too. happy gaming! even works with left 4 dead, where I noticed the input lag was REALLY bad. :)