How to Make YouTube Videos Private on Android

YouTube Android Smartphones Video Privacy
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When you upload a video to YouTube, the site allows you to adjust its privacy settings so that only the intended audience can view the video, and remains invisible to the strangers.

You can make either one or multiple videos ‘Private’ depending upon the type of videos and your personal privacy preferences. While making multiple videos ‘Private’, you can check the checkboxes for each video and change their privacy settings in a single go.

To make things simpler, you do not necessarily have to use your laptop/desktop computer in order to change the privacy settings of your uploaded videos. You can also get the job done right from your Android smartphone.

Here’s how:

  • Turn on your Android smartphone.
  • Tap the Menu icon to go the apps list.
  • Locate and tap the YouTube app icon.
  • In the open window, tap the Menu icon (icon with the three horizontal lines) at top-left corner.
  • From the displayed options, tap Uploads.
  • In the Uploads window, tap the Options icon (icon with the three vertical dots), at the top-right corner of the target video. (E.g. My Video in this demonstration).Note: Only the already uploaded videos will be displayed on the opened interface.
  • From the displayed list, tap the Edit option.
  • On the Edit video interface, tap the drop-down list under the PRIVACY section.
  • From the available list on the pop up box, tap Private option.